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The IDA Policy Committee keeps the organization and its members informed on issues of public policy and acts as a clearing house for policy issues related to infants, toddlers and their families, as well as early intervention providers and programs.

If you are interested in joining the IDA Policy work please contact us at [email protected]

Amend Title 17, California Code of Regulations, sections 52000, 52082, 52109 and 52162
Early Intervention Services Regulations

The Department of Developmental Services (Department) proposes to amend the Early Intervention Services regulations after considering all comments, objections, and recommendations regarding the proposed action.
Written Comment Period: The public comment period for this regulatory action will begin on December 17, 2021. For any written comment to be considered, it must be received by the Department no later than January 31, 2022, the close of the 45-Day comment period. To be considered, any interested person, or their authorized representative, may submit written comments relevant to the proposed regulatory action in one of the following ways:
On the Department’s Internet Web site
via electronic submittal Electronic Submittal

By United States Postal Service or personal delivery to:
RE: Early Intervention Services
Legislation, Regulations & Public Affairs
1215 O Street, M.S. 9-10
Sacramento, CA 95814
Public Hearing: The Department has not scheduled a public hearing on this proposed action. However, the Department will hold a hearing if it receives a written request for a public hearing from any interested person, or his or her authorized representative, no later than 15 days before the close of the written comment period, January 14, 2022. If a request for public hearing is received, the hearing will be conducted in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act, Government Code, title 2, division 3, part 1, chapter 3.5 (commencing with section 11340).
The Notice, the Initial Statement of Reasons, the Proposed Regulation Text, and all subsequent regulatory documents, including the Final Statement of Reasons, when completed, are available on the Department’s web site for this rulemaking at Emergency and Proposed Regulations.

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