Assorted Actions Steps for Early Start: DDS Surveys, Updated Directives, Alerts

Department of Developmental Services releases updates on Directives: Check out extension of assorted Early Start Directives CLICK HERE They cover: Early Start transition to Special Education-7/5/22 ext.; Family Fees-7/4/22 ext.; Virtual services, etc.
Early Start Providers (805) asked to participate in the Direct Service Provider Survey. Due June 30th, 2022.
"Beginning in May 2022, California will collect data from agencies employing Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) to collect information about factors impacting the workforce. The DSP workforce is experiencing challenges such as high turnover and vacancy rates, which can affect the lives of individuals needing support. Stakeholders have expressed support for learning more about the employment of DSPs to inform policy changes, design recruitment and retention efforts, and examine the impact of rate increases over time. The data collection effort will establish baseline information from which DDS, agencies, and stakeholders may assess challenges, evaluate the impact of existing initiatives and shape future policies to improve workforce stability. Additional information can be found HERE:
If you received an email earlier this month asking for your participation we encourage you to provide your input.  For any providers that want to participate, but did not receive a unique survey link from [email protected], you can request to be included and receive unique survey link by emailing the [email protected]v."
Quality Incentive Program Measures:
The measures align with the implementation of the Quality Incentive Program, which is designed to support and incentivize a person-centered, statewide service system that provides high-quality, outcome-based, and equitable services. The measure chosen will be used to address the 10% part of the rate model package. Ask if your program can complete them?

The draft measures are available for review here.

Please submit comments using this form. Comments will be collected until 5pm on June 1, 2022. If you prefer using email, or need additional accommodations to share your comments, please email [email protected].
Visit the DDS stakeholder events page for more information about the public comment period, the program, and past workgroup meetings.

Virtual Services in Early Start:
There has been some question if virtual services are to continue in Early Start. "Effective immediately, section “Early Start Remote Services” is hereby deleted from this Directive. Trailer Bill AB 136 amended Government Code section 95020(d)(5)(A), specifying that early intervention services may be delivered by remote electronic communications. (Amendment effective 7/29/2021)" Also, check out FAQ #23 for more specifics. CLICK HERE
Resources: Update for CDC Milestones All of the CDC's materials can be downloaded (or printed) for free
ACTION Reminder: Take a minute to speak up regarding Early Start - Funding and change in Eligibility. Thanks to the Lanterman Coalition of which IDA is a member we have access to these easy-to-use social media tools and information on phone calls. If you are an IDA member you will be contacted to join a zoom meeting with your legislator if one can be arranged. Contact your legislators and the Governor, etc. - CLICK HERE and share with your colleagues and families.

Please utilize your preferred social media tool also:

Thank you for taking the time to ensure services for children and families
Thank you,
Fran Chasen and Annie Cox
IDA Policy Co-Chairs